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Burglary victim seeks answers

A 30 year old Asian female victim of burglary referred herself to Victims First when her case was reaching the late stages at court and a sentencing hearing was scheduled. The victim made it clear that she did not want the process to end – she still wanted answers - “why me?”, “why my house?” and “where is my stuff?”

The experience had left her and her family feeling insecure and scared within their own home. It had impacted them culturally and financially, as a lot of her family jewellery had been stolen, which had a high amount of monetary and sentimental value.

A Victims First Co-ordinator explained how Restorative Justice (RJ) might help get her questions answered.  The victim said she would like this and she agreed to explore this further with the co-ordinator providing support throughout the process.

A home visit was arranged so the co-ordinator could explain the RJ process face to face with the victim. A second visit followed to enable the victim to go through the prepared report that formed the basis of the RJ process and initial communication with the Community Rehabilitation Company (CRC) in preparation for the potential face-to-face meeting with the perpetrator.  

Victims First and the CRC worked jointly to pursue the RJ process in this case, with regular communication maintained between the key parties involved.  Further communication has now been entered into with HM Prison Service to facilitate a professional meeting to discuss the RJ process with the perpetrator.

The victim care co-ordinator continues to maintain contact with the victim, providing updates on a regular basis to ensure she is fully involved with the process. The victim has expressed her gratitude in being supported and having someone to speak to during this time.