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Building confidence after violent robbery

A man in his 50s who was the victim of a violent robbery in his own home has described how the incident has affected his entire life, leaving him unable to venture out of his property into the area he has lived in for the duration of his adulthood.  He was referred to Victims First Northumbria for support by Northumbria Police and explained how he was self-employed and enjoyed a nice lifestyle, and that the incident had left him a shell of his former self. 
He spoke of difficulties and frustrations in not being able to leave his home to access services such as his GP or counselling support.  The Victims First Coordinator sought consent to liaise directly with his GP to facilitate a telephone session and home visit in order to accommodate his needs. A referral for telephone counselling support was also made to help him cope and recover from his traumatic experience.  Follow-up support was also provided to the victim to update him on how the case was progressing. 
Of Victims First Northumbria, he said: “You are the only people who have shown any consideration and have provided beneficial support to me…others just want you off the phone, but you really listened.”   
The victim’s partner also received practical and emotional support from Victims First Northumbria. 
Now, several months down the line, the victim has gained the confidence to start venturing out of the house and has slowly started to rebuild his life, thanks to the practical help he has received.